On July 23rd, the famous and talented fashion designer Kibonen NFI, unveiled to the general public,  her new collection inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic. Through a live broadcast on the brand's social  media pages, the award-winning designer shared the essence of the collection with her KIBONEN  brand supporters in a fun, friendly and interactive atmosphere. You can relive these intense moments  on the brand's social media pages:

- Facebook: KibonenNY

- Instagram: K.I.B.O.N.E.N

Followed by thousands of fans, the collection was revealed in a four-minute video. The collection  named "Breathe", is an invitation to freedom and well-being despite this difficult and sensitive period.  The collection inspires us to keep living because life is still worth living.

Among other things, the different cities of Cameroon and elsewhere will vibrate in coming days to the  rhythm of pop-up shops and private sales so that the pristine clientele worldwide can experience these  beautiful new pieces. Watch out for us in the cities near you.

In the meantime, you can buy them in the showrooms in Buea (Fakoship Plaza and Mountain Hotel)  and Douala (Bali).

Visit www.kibonen.com to find out more.

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