Gospel music has since the late 20th Century been evolving, taking its place in the music industry. Creative minds, especially the younger generation have found a way to communicate the gospel message using jazzier beats and hip-hop tunes to get attention. Maureen Forbah is one of such talents making Gospel music lovers to get their groove on.

Maureen Forbah is a 22-year old gospel songwriter and artist. She originates from the North West region of Cameroon, was born and grew up in Bamenda.

Princess Forbah Maureen Fulepeyah, known by the artist name Maureen Forbah, recently dropped a single, titled “Miracle Ground”. This is a contemporary gospel song written by Maureen and produced by Phillbill of Shaba Music. Maureen explained in her own words what inspired her to write Miracle Ground

“As children of God we are powered and wired differently, because we have become a different breed. Powered by the holy spirit things answer to us differently. We are constantly walking in victory if we are conscious of who we are! These signs follow us; we are miraculous people and everything we touch becomes miraculous! (Mark 16:17-18 NIV) This is the steadfast reality of every child of God if only you truly BELIEVE!”

Maureen grew up with interests in Music, Art, Fashion and Beauty. Today she is taking her music career and ministry to another level as a signed artist under ABLAZE MUSIC – a Gospel Music Record Label based in the USA. She has won several awards in her school, local communities and Church. Maureen is an inspiration to many, especially the youths in her church.

Miracle Ground, making the buzz, was released on August 7th, 2021.

Interact with Maureen Forbah on social Media Platforms:

Facebook @maureen_forbah

YouTube : Ablaze Music

By Berine Sunjo

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