Africa is a continent that has faced numerous criticisms, particularly regarding its wealth management and unemployment rate, both of which affect all tables of the constitution.

Nowadays, young people tend to deviate from the goals they or their parents set for them. They are motivated by desire and necessity. These desires drive them to commit the irreversible, such as sex acts, theft, vandalism, banditry, and a slew of other heinous crimes that undermine our society.

Taking A Selfie
Photo by ANGELA FRANKLIN / Unsplash

What are the real questions in this situation: Do not all of these evils have a negative impact on the emancipation of our youths? Who takes up which role in seeing to the welfare of the youths? Should  Parents take responsibility for their children's education, or should the government impose restrictions?

Starvation is a phenomenon that drives some young people to take the easy way out. There are countless young girls who flaunt themselves on the internet, wanting to look like influencers and stars to the point of jeopardizing their future. Subliminal messages that traumatize young people and push them to fall into depression, suicide, and all other negative consequences.

Between the selfies and the snaps, we no longer know where we stand in terms of getting likes and comments. In the past, the rural exodus signalled a desire to succeed and escape precariousness, poverty, and the never-ending need for the bare necessities. Perhaps it is better to return to our roots, to the village, and resume a rural life away from all the laments, fears, and sickly addictions.

Photo by bruce mars / Unsplash

So, how do you think we should approach this type of issue? What is the best approach?

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