Every kid has that dream, the one where they grow up and become successful; they want to make a lot of money, own the fanciest things and take care of their parents. The thing is, dreaming is the easy part and in our dreams we tend to subconsciously leave out the difficult part of success, 'the hardships'. Most times, we are so caught up admiring and wishing for the flashy things we see; the cars, mansions, pretty clothes and shoes that we tend to forget the toil that comes with the treasure.

The teenage dream is to grow up and be rich, successful, influential, own the best outfits, cars, gadgets and shoes but we forget that even  Louboutin come with blisters. We look at the surface of things because when we are growing up, no one tells us how hard adulthood is, how much those Louboutin  hurt or how much work you have to put in to get that expensive car and when they do tell us, we hope our case will be different, we hope to get the easy way out.

There are no shortcuts to success, a lesson a lot of us learn a little later in life. We don’t envision the toil that comes with the treasure but they are a package deal. Even the Bible says; ‘Faith without work is death’. So we have to work hard, because there will be a lot of sleepless nights, missed meals, tears, regret, and losses but you know what they say 'nothing good comes easy’.

So dare to dream, weather the storm, cry a little , pray hard and during those nights when sleep is not an option, drink coffee and remember that teenage girl who started out with just a dream. And if you are not there yet, drink more coffee and get to work and keep in mind that; ‘what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger’.

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