Sexual harassment has and will  always be a call for concern all over the world and beyond. With the alarming reports we get every now and then, either from news outlets or social media platforms , one can say this  issue has escalated, involving infants as well over the years and is far from over. Last year , precisely, July 23rd, we had a summit on promoting a global resistance against sexual harassment, where high profile guest  speakers shared their thoughts and possible solutions to this issue. To follow up on the conversation, click on the link

But this is far from over!

How do we stop this? How do we educate the public on the psychological, physical, emotional and mental ramifications  of being sexually harassed ? How do we encourage victims to  bounce back normally and instill faith in their hearts to enable them to live a normal life? Yes, so many questions ,yet no befitting answers to these questions.  We have taken it upon ourselves to drive awareness and  seek a permanent solution in a bid to lower the percentage of reports pertaining to sexual harassment especially in the African society.

We would like to know your thoughts about harassment in general and what you would consider as any form of sexual harassment.

Kindly leave us a comment.

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