Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month is observed in April in the United States. These efforts exist to raise global awareness of sexual assault so that people not only begin to think about sexual assault and its consequences, but also begin to take action to prevent it. The goal of this public awareness campaign is to raise public knowledge about the causes and risk factors of sexual assault and to inspire individuals to take action in their communities to avoid it.

HOWEVER I DRESS, WHEREVER I GO, YES MEANS YES AND NO MEANS NO. Leica R7 (1994), Summicron-R 2.0 35mm (1978). Hi-Res analog scan by – Kodak SO-553 100 (expired 2007)
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

Sexual harassment can take many forms and occur in a variety of settings, including online. Harassment, cyber bullying, and sexual abuse and exploitation have long been seen as normal and unavoidable online behaviours. Creating Safe Online Environments When we practice digital consent, intervene when we detect harmful content or behaviours, and foster online communities that value respect, inclusiveness, and safety, we can achieve our goals together.

In this year's awareness Campaign here are a few things we should enable to remember:

Educate yourself: Take a look at the information provided by the Sexual Violence Resource Centre on its website or contact your local rape crisis centre to learn more about how to avoid sexual assault and domestic violence and support survivors.

Volunteer or donate: Many amazing organisations labour tirelessly to advocate for stronger laws, provide counselling to survivors, and create educational campaigns. You may help a great organisation by donating your time or money to keep their operations running.

Attend an event: Show your support for the cause by attending a Take Back the Night protest or other public event celebrating Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

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