If you are in a relationship or about to start one, then this article will be of great help to you. A lot of people do not know what to qualify as red flags in a relationship and this can be accountable for the rising number of unhealthy and abusive relationships.
You if see any of the following attitudes or habits, persistent in your partner, especially at the talking stage, just know it’s time to make a drastic decision.

1. They are always busy
No matter what job they do or what occupies their day, they should always be room for the one special person they care about. If they are always too busy to call, text, or even see you, just know they don’t find interest in you or the relationship. Worst of all is if you always see them on their phones or online. If they can’t spare time to text or call, then my dear, alight from that ship before the relationship sinks you.

2. Your conversations are boring
As many say, if you’re in love then gisting must be involved. Yeah, you got that. If it’s not about you both, it’s about friends, family, work, or lifestyle in general. There must always be something to talk about, especially at the talking stage. If conversations end at Hey, hi, how are you? have you eaten? and nothing more, my dear it’s a no-no. Boring conversations in a relationship especially at the start are a big red flag.

3. Inconsistency
Imagine entering a relationship where you don’t even know if you are loved or not. Because one day they are hot, the next day they are as cold as ice. Today they’ll call and talk for hours, then you only hear from them again after three to four days or even a week. If after complaining, they give excuses and make no changes, it’s a sign; Run.

4. The come on sexually strong too soon
Sexual attraction is a vital part of a relationship, but should not be the point of interaction between you two. If on the first day, they focus on having sex with you, just know that, that is their sole point of interest. Worst of all if you agree and boom the sex is good, your judgment will be clouded and you are likely to ignore other red flags. Keyword watch out!

5. Everyone is a villain in their story
Just picture yourself starting a relationship with someone who badmouths their family, friends, colleagues, and exes. Nobody does anything good except them. Such people portray a lack of emotional maturity and a sense of responsibility. They often times manipulate people emotionally. You won’t be any different, jump ship and save your mental and emotional health.

Just so you know it’s good to help people change but this works only for the willing ones. If you complain about red flags and they bring excuses, then that relationship is not for you and also ignoring the red flags won’t make them go away. Leaving that relationship will save you from trauma and heartbreak.

Be Guarded!

                                                                                                  Kwatika Pamela, Editor

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