by Ngum Dilis

Relationships aren’t what they use to be; the obvious courtship then marriage. Now, it’s a whole roller-coaster of emotions, toxicity, entertainment and enjoyment. Every ‘high’ in the relationship community has their appellations such as fling, a friend with benefit, as well as rebound relationships, and our topic of discussion.

I know some of you are asking yourself, what is a rebound relationship? A rebound relationship can be termed as that short period of undefined intimacy you have with someone shortly after a recent breakup or during a toxic break in an ongoing relationship (more like a getaway relationship).

The purpose of rebound relationships is to evade the pain and loneliness from your former relationship. While other people choose to deal with the pain and heal by themselves others find it difficult to deal with the void they feel in that state of uncertainty, therefore, clinging unto the next available person for comfort, attention and perhaps the healing they need.

Photo by Marionel Luciano / Unsplash

Some people engage in rebounds for selfish reasons such as to make their exes jealous or snooping their way into someone else’s life to hide their toxicity by laying blames on the former knowing fully well they plan on getting nowhere with them but just need their time, affection and attention to help them deal with the pain somehow. People in rebound relationships are conflicted about their new escape and previous relationship.

I know you must be thinking are rebound relationships bad? Can rebound relationships become actual relationships? Of course! We’re humans and sometimes, most times we crave affection especially in vulnerable states and Yes! Sex and romance have a way of getting rid of the pain. Now, if you find yourself and the other party deserving and you can make decisions outside that place of vulnerability, hurt and imbalance then I think you can rebuild from the ruins of what is left of you, hopefully, your rebound partner helps you grow and to become better. You have defined intentions, maybe not all logical but at least pure. You sure can look forward to living another fantasy love life like never before. There’s nothing sweeter than being in a better place.

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