Fostering an inclusive work environment and prioritizing employee well-being have become essential pillars of success for forward-thinking organizations. Among them is Olam Agri, a renowned global agribusiness company that continues to redefine industry norms through its unwavering commitment to supporting female workers and promoting comprehensive nutrition programs for its entire workforce.

With a vision to create a better and more comfortable work environment for its female workers, Olam Agri has recently officially installed two new lactation pods across its business locations in Cameroon, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards achieving inclusiveness and providing holistic nutrition support to female employees. This groundbreaking initiative aligns with Olam Agri's ambitious goal to ensure that, by 2030, every member of their workforce has access to comprehensive nutrition programmes.

These self-contained units which were unveiled at the company’s grains factory in Bekoko and its head office in the port area of Douala, have been built to provide working mothers with clean, comfortable, and private space to express and safely store breast milk while at work. Excitingly, female employees of Olam Agri have welcomed these lactation pods with a lot of enthusiasm, and thanks to this , their loyalty for the company grows even bigger because they are witnesses to the company’s commitment to supporting nursing working mothers.

Empowering new mothers in the workplace is crucial for fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment. By providing lactation pods, we ensure that working mothers have the comfort and privacy they need to express breast milk, benefiting both their well-being and their babies. Our commitment to providing essential support tools helps our employees excel and thrive in their roles.

Says Briginette Abega, Country HR Manager at Olam Agri in Cameroon.

Note should be taken that these lactation pods are just one among the many initiatives by Olam Agri in Cameroon to continually support female employees. Other  initiatives include breastfeeding support programmes, which provide nursing mothers with comprehensive breastfeeding kits, career development programmes for female employees, and wellness programmes that include free MRI tests for women to aid in the fight against breast cancer amongst others.

Olam Agri Cameroon not only focuses on the well-being of its female employees, but its entire workforce in general. Reason why the company implemented several Workforce Nutrition initiatives since its inception, to ensure that all its workers have access to healthy and nutritious food at work, nutrition education, health- focused nutrition checks, amongst others. Thanks to these initiatives, Olam Agri Cameroon worksites have been recognised by the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability team as exemplary in creating a healthy work environment and as a top employer that is committed to building an inspiring and high-performing organisation where passionate employees drive business growth, contribute to a sustainable future, and build fulfilling careers.

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