Congolese Singer-Songwriter and Dancer Fally Ipupa performed in front of thousands of fans in France on Saturday, July 6 as part of his European Summer tour.

Young and old travelled from all around to see the African music legend perform in Lyon, a city in South East of France.

Fally Ipupa, which is rooted in Congolese Rumba has been augmented by urban African sounds during the course of his 20-year career.

Unpredictable and varied, the singer occasionally draws from American Hip-Hop and his skillful blend, which contributes to the success of his singles extends to dance.

Throughout the two-hour event, Fally was accompanied by the musicians and dancers from his Congolese group Sebène, as well as French dancers.

After Portugal and France, the singer  will go to Italy as part of his European tour.

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