Menopause is a very challenging period for most women, not because they did not know it will come, but rather because of the changes that come during this phase in a woman's life. From hot flashes to mood swings, from irregular periods to changes in sleep patterns, each symptom is a gentle reminder of the transformative journey that awaits. Menopause is the time that marks the end of a woman's menstrual cycle. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, just know that menopause is right at your doorstep and can come in just any minute.

Irregular Periods.

You normally had regular monthly flow which lasted four or five days and then boom all of a sudden you go two to three months with no period or better still it comes but lasts longer than usual, sometimes 10 days and the flow becomes surprisingly heavy. It becomes almost impossible for you to track your periods.

Decreased Libido.

Lately, you just have no desire to engage in sex. It doesn’t seem appealing, you’re never in the mood. This is not like you don't make an effort, no! you try but it’s not just working nor improving the mood. Whatever the feeling, decreased libido is another sign that you may be approaching menopause.

Weight Gain.

This period in your life hardly respects dieting. Because you can still be eating healthy, controlling portions, exercising on a regular and all that, yet still gaining weight on a steady. Yeah! that's menopause for you. Steady but uncontrolled weight gain around the belly is a sign of approaching menopause. As estrogen drops, women begin to gain weight around the midsection. Studies have shown that estrogen protects against weight gain around the belly. So a drop means an increase in weight gain around the belly.

Hot Flashes and Night Sweats.

These might be the most popular signals of menopause. Hot flashes and night sweats usually begin a few days before menstruation and then finish after menstruation ends. They are described as a feeling of heat bubbling up from your core and engrossing your whole body, causing you to flush red and to sweat uncontrollably. At night, you may wake up during the middle of the night, sweating and hot, as though you had a high fever. These two symptoms are a very common sign of menopause, affecting 85% of women.

Dryness Of The Vagina.

When Estrogen falls, moisture and elasticity drops in the vaginal area. A lack of moisture in the area causes dryness and tighter tissues. Reason why having intercourse during this period can be painful. This symptom is most common once menopause has already begun, but some women will experience it as it approaches.

Mood swings.

When a woman is approaching menopause, suddenly, everyone is rude to you, all the drivers on the road are idiots, your dog is barking way louder than usual, everything is just wrong somehow. This is because of changes in your hormones. Studies have shown that the irritability and mood problems may be stemming from several causes including the lack of sleep which is one of the symptoms of menopause, kids moving away from home, falling serotonin levels, and other issues that arise in your late 40s and early 50s.

Dear women, nor matter how hard this stage may seem, we encourage you to embrace this new phase of life with grace and empowerment.

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