The newly launched Uncle Waffles Burger in South Africa has not been much appreciated by many, just after having a first bite.

Just a week after its launch, Uncle Waffles Burger already has a myriad of bad reviews flying all over social media, with videos of celebrities, TikTokers and Influencers being bombarded on a daily, disapproving the smell and taste of the burger. @reabetswemoloto.5, a TikToker recorded a video of herself having the new burger for the first time which  has had over 2 million views. She wrote this alongside the video on X

"I got the Uncle Waffles Burger.I’m excited. I love trying out new things."

But unfortunately as she unwraps the burger, she begins to pull her face as she criticises the burger’s smell. After taking a bite, she quickly spits it out in disgust and ends the video.

"This burger should be sold in another country, not here in South Africa",

said the TikToker repugnantly.

Another popular TikToker, @ntobeko_walaza, also didn’t approve of the new burger, describing it as "not make sure" while adding that the flavors on the burger clash.

Also, award winning local rapper, Dee Koala equally shared her own review where she expressed that the burger does not taste nice at all as she said “Sorry, Waffles i love you but yho”. She then repeatedly described it as “bad” but however appreciated the chicken and said it works without the waffles.

The situation gets even worse as shop owners where the waffle burger is sold are complaining of little or no sales.

Given that this is a new brand that has just been introduced into the market, the question remains, will Uncle Waffles Burger be able to secure its space in the market, after this much criticism, even after partnering with KFC, the famous fast food giant?

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