Jubilant celebrations erupted across Côte d'Ivoire when the Elephants advanced to the quarter-finals at the expense of Senegal (1-1 5 t.a.b.) on Monday.

After improbably qualifying for the last 16, the host country, Côte d'Ivoire, defeated Senegal, the championship holders and heavy favourites for the last 16.

In the fourth minute, Sadio Mané crossed for Habib Diallo to open the scoring.

Franck Kessié (86th) replaced Sangaré (73rd) and converted a penalty in the 86th minute to give the Ivorians hope.

The side of Emerse Faé, which was assigned to the bench following the dismissal of Jean-Louis Gasset after the group round, advanced to the next round by winning the penalty shootout.

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