Dining out with family or friends is often a fun event, but the bill may sometimes dampen the mood, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Let's look at some clever ways to order for a group at a restaurant while staying under budget.

1- Menu trick:

Understanding the menu is essential for a budget-friendly group dinner. One wise option is to order the main dish without the protein, then order the protein separately.

This technique is frequently less expensive and it may result in more food on the table.

For example, ordering a large bowl of jollof without meat and then ordering a bowl of grilled chicken or meat may be less expensive than ordering numerous bowls of jollof with meat.

2- Choose family bundles

When it comes to group dining, the golden rule is "sharing is caring." Choose family-style meals or platters designed for sharing.

These alternatives typically offer a range of foods at a lesser cost per person than individual meals.

It is not only cost-effective, but also enjoyable to sample various flavours together. It is also an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your plate-sharing etiquette.

3- Share drinks

Drinks might increase the bill. Instead than getting individual beverages, try ordering pitchers or bottles to share.

Shared beverages, whether a large bottle of Coke or a bottle of wine are typically less expensive than single servings. Also, tap water is your friend because it is free and keeps everyone hydrated.

4- Share dessert

Desserts are frequently an appealing finale to a meal. Instead of individual servings, seek for dessert platters or large, shareable quantities. It not only saves money but also improves the community meal experience.

It is all about enjoying delicious food and good company and with these ideas, you can do so without the burden of an overpriced bill.

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