While starting a family can be a wonderful occasion, male fertility issues can come from seemingly little components of daily living.

Here are some surprising behaviours that may impair men's ability to get a woman pregnant:

1- Working in hot conditions :

"Scrotal heating" and "scrotal hyperthermia" refer to the phenomena in which prolonged heat exposure raises scrotal temperature, preventing sperm production.

Studies dating back to the 1990s have found a relationship between occupational heat exposure and lower male fertility. Ceramic oven operators and bakers had more trouble conceiving than peers who worked in cooler surroundings.

2- Extended periods of sitting

Sitting for extended periods has a negative impact on the fertility of the men.

Long periods of sitting, such as taxi and truck driving, might contribute to higher scrotal temperatures and associated reproductive issues.

3-  Consuming a lot of alcohol

Heavy alcohol consumption impairs sperm production, changes hormone levels, and lowers sperm quality.

It can potentially shrink testicles and harm sperm DNA, raising the possibility of miscarriage.

4- Wearing tight underpants

A large-scale study conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital examined data from over 650 men seeking infertility therapy.

Men who routinely wore boxers had somewhat greater sperm counts and quality than those who wore tighter-fitting pants such as briefs or bikinis.

5- Stress :

Stress has become a prevalent problem due to today's sedentary and hurried lifestyles.

Stress, among its many other possible repercussions, can cause hormonal abnormalities that impact sperm production and function.

As a result, males must employ stress management techniques and strategies in order to promote reproductive health.

Healthy alternatives to combat male infertility

In the modern period, infertility has developed as a major concern for couples, with male infertility emerging as a common problem.

To prevent infertility and achieve healthy conception, men must maintain a balanced diet, restrict their alcohol and substance use and incorporate physical activity into their daily routines.

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