Humans come in a variety of looks — and  whether we want to admit it or not, these looks (height included) define the first impressions people get from us and give us. Many times, you will hear someone say something like this: «Ohh. This girl is chubby. She must eat a lot! »; in that same thought pattern are judged every humans, no matter their color, sizes and social presentations or mannerism.

First Impressions

Do you remember that time you were by the road side waiting for a taxi, maybe because your car broke down (or maybe because you do not [yet] own a car) and
you saw this weird-smoky Rastafari coming your way and immediately kept your phone in your bag thinking he would snatch it and run away leaving you powerless?

Then guess what, he ended up getting a phone call and you realized this « bad guy » had the latest phone and from the conversation he had, you realized he was even super educated...dang!

Well, this was only an illustration of how society has programmed us to believe things, which are not always true; and even when they are, we just « believe » without having true facts and proof of what we advance. Have you ever thought impressions could get us to totally miss points sometimes ? If yes, this article is for you.

To prove that the brain doesn't always interpret things like we think, and to prove things are many times depending on perspectives, watch this short video that will make you pass some brain tests.

What society says, take at face value

We want to focus our research on height. Is height a determinant factor of more chances? Are taller men more intelligent? Are taller women more attractive? Are taller kids bullies? Are taller persons treated with more respect? We will have to look at this in three parts: The society in general, the professional aspects and finally love life.

Society has for very long depicted tall persons as heroes. Tarzan, Superman, Batman, Ironman. None of these superheroes are short. Not even the traditional fighters chosen in our villages. Ken, Barbie's hubby is a tall handsome bloke. Coincidence?

Put the blame on the brain..

Tall people have the advantage non-verbal communication. Remember when as a kid you got bullied and said: “I’ll call my big brother.” (Or “my daddy”) and then came in the giant...Everyone who tried to piss you off knew they were in big hell.

Tallness in a person is a quality that has a high value placed on it. Tall people command more presence than shorter people. We grew up literally looking up at the people we respected most (our parents, teachers, grandparents, etc.) and that mindset continued into adult hood. Our brains make the simple connection between respect and tilting our heads back to look up at a person.

Superheroes are never depicted as short. coincidence?

A Story About Genes

Scientists believe that genetic makeup, or DNA, is responsible for about 80% of a person's physical building and so height. However, genes aren't the sole predictor of a person's height. In some instances, a child might be much taller than their parents and other relatives. Or, perhaps, they may be much shorter. Such key differences may be explained by other factors outside of your genes that contribute to height. Nutrition, hormones, activity levels, and medical conditions can very much affect how tall or short someone can be.

In the same way, tallness alone can’t determine if someone is more brilliant, more successful, kinder, etc. Genes and environment do. The brain can imagine whatever it wants, but reality is all the other way...and the professional aspect proves it well!

Do tall guys shoot higher in life ?

According to Mark Travers, science guy, writer on psychology and contributor at Forbes, height has a big impact on salary. How??? We mean, in a profession like Basketball, we would totally understand; but what about other jobs that don’t require you to jump or simply be tall? Does height still matter?

The answer is still YES.

A team of scientists led by Jun Wang of Renmin University of China in Beijing examined data from over 3,500 Chinese adults to test whether height was positively associated with annual income — and, if so, whether genetics might be to blame. Interestingly, they found evidence to support the first claim but not the second.

“The income disparities associated with one’s physical appearance — such as height, stature, BMI, and facial appearance — have motivated a large body of studies that seek to identify the underlying causal mechanisms, state the researchers.

To be exact, the researchers estimate that each additional centimeter of height is associated with a 1.30% increase in annual income. But here’s where it gets even more interesting. The researchers used genetic testing to examine whether the effect of height on income could be explained by one’s genes, or whether other factors such as social perceptions (perceived dominance, confidence, etc.) and environmental influences (early nutrition, nurturance, etc.) were responsible for producing the effect. They found that the genetic markers associated with increased height were also associated with other advantages, including higher cognitive ability and a lower risk of depression. It is however unlikely that genetics alone can explain this difference. The gap is to “high” for the genetic excuse only to be used.

The Taller The Better ?

In a double-blind study by Graziano et al., it was found that, in person, using a sample of women of normal size, they were on average most attracted to men who were of medium height (5'9" – 5'11", 1.75 m – 1.80 m) and less attracted to both men of shorter height (5'5" – 5'7", 1.65 m – 1.70 m) and men of tallest height (6'2" – 6'4", 1.88 m – 1.93 m).” - this was in 1978, where males were noticeably shorter.

Romantically, the question is hence not about being the “taller”, but about being the most good looking.

Yes, generations have changed but taste is something that is universal and changeless.

Women love tall men that’s a fact; however they don’t want a giant. They want a man that looks strong and reassuring. Someone that looks good in order to compliment her own body structure, (so that she can feel feminine) and someone that will still be taller than her when she wears her heels! Ladies we know you! (Blink)

Many women (including me) wouldn’t mind a man that’s just a few centimeters taller than her. The only condition is we shouldn’t look down on our men. Society has brainwashed us that a “manly man” should be taller; and believe me or not, most women, especially younger ones have rejected dates and marriage proposals because of this factor.

Gender height equality?

And as for the women...are taller women more seductive?? If yes, does it mean any other thing below 1,70m is ugly ? If no? Why do models have to be women only with a certain height?

Standards for elegance

The standard height requirement for a female fashion model is 5 feet and 9 inches to 6 feet. Of course, these are just guidelines as shorter models – petite models, in fashion industry terms – do exist and enjoy a successful career. Models measuring 5’3″ and 5’4″ do get signed by agencies recognized in the industry. But let’s admit it: the visibility is incomparable.

So Why Do Models Have to Be Tall?

The hottest black models the world has known..all tall women

Height has always been synonymous with stature. A taller stature offers a commanding presence at runway shows, and so this is ideal for designers who want their work to be noticed.

Commercial models are a little less strict with their height standards but still usually demand a taller physique only hiring petite women or short people for clothing lines who cater for this niche.

Tall VS Short: Which Is Better?

Studies have found that taller women are generally considered more attractive....But although they may be prized as supermodels, tall women do not seem to enjoy the same advantages in the dating game. An average height generally seems to be preferred.

Let’s talk of what you’ve been dying to read...SEX! Does height matter in sex?

Sex with a tall woman is like sex with other women. They can sometimes be tall but small [down] there, just like shorter women could need a larger hung guy to fully penetrate them. So there's no rule. Every woman is different and uniquely made. Height is absolutely not a factor that makes sex better.

However, some men explain that certain sex positions are easier with taller women. On the other hand, most men find tallness as repulsive in a woman. Most associate tall women to domineering women and that is an absolute no for men who like feminine women.

The taller the bigger ?

Women have equally been asked if height affected the size of the penis according to them. Many responded that they’ve known tall men with small penises and short ones with super big ones.

Scientifically, there's only one anatomical feature that (very) generally correlates with penis size — and it's not the hand. In a study of thirty-three hundred Italian men, researchers found that only height was correlated with larger penises, meaning the taller the man, the larger the penis. Whatever the case is, height doesn’t equal pleasure. But that’s another story..

Final Words

We have to make a conscious effort to move past the physical aspect. It is time we see people for who they are, their values and not how tall or short someone is.

The idea is always just beneath the surface.

For those who are insecure about their height : real life is different, if someone feels insecure they may look for things they can not change and blame those things instead of their lack of actions and facing fears.

Also if you are shorter than average for  guys (5′9″), this means that you need to look a bit more. It may feel unfair but even in this world full of unfairness it’s not unfair because the pay-off for your more search would be finding a partner and people who care about you and do not have superficial standards. Something the 6′1″ guy may need to put more work to figure out and be sure of...

Height may have some impact on male attractiveness but your attitude has much more impact and if you let your insecurities dictate the response you give in your every day life you would not seem attractive, and if you want to feel more confident, decrease the number of times you ask yourself questions like “does my height matter?"

Don’t let your height (or any other aspect you cannot change) be an excuse for a pity party. Self-pity is really addictive and deprives us of all the good things we could get out of life.

Learn to love yourself, focus on your strengths and when you gain more confidence, turn each of your insecurities into power. You can!

We’ll be right here having your back and reminding you how fabulous you are, until you can see that for yourself.

Written with love,


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