''Graines d'Espoir/Seeds of Hope'' is a philanthropy book authored by Father Ludovic Lado of the Catholic parish in Chad and co-authored by Martin Wato. The book is based on the triad of social analysis and action: See, Judge and Act.

Since 2016, the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon has caused significant damages in these regions of the country, including the loss of lives and displaced persons. In this book, the internally displaced persons recount their sufferings and hopes.

Seeds embody hope - the hope of a good harvest. Hope is the kind of seed that sustains life in the most inhuman situations. A child who returns to school has a good reason to hope for a new future. Hope for the internally displaced children is nurtured through returning to school as a crucible for rebuilding shattered lives. We need to see, judge and act.

                                                                                                        Ramses Wato

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