Working five days a week and relaxing on weekends is the soft and normal lifestyle we all are used to but, do you know that there are  thousands of people around the world working in dangerous professions that mean putting their lives on the line every day? You will discover what i am talking about as you read along. Let's go!

Snake Milker.

Just the site of a snake already even if its not close gives you goose bumps, what more of holding the dangerous and very poisonous animal. I bet you would not dare. Now this is somebody's daily job. Snake milkers extract venom from poisonous  snakes. They do this for medical research and also for the production of antivenom.  For more than 100 years, the primary treatment for snakebite is the administration of antivenom. I must tell you, It's a risky job that requires extreme caution.

Crime scene cleaner

These are workers who very traumatic and gruesome scenes. It could homicides, fire, water or car accidents. This job involves dealing with blood and bodily fluids, which can be quite a lot for individuals with phobias, especially Necrophobia (fear of dead bodies), and Hemophobia (fear of blood).

Crocodile Dentist.

Imagine how scary a crocodile is, then to think that a crocodile dentist gets up close and personal with these dangerous reptiles to conduct dental examinations using specialised tools and sedation. This is definitely a challenging and scary task, as crocodiles are powerful, unpredictable and dangerous creatures that could even swallow you within the twinkle of an eye. Some people really do put their lives on the line to put food on the table.

Forensic Entomologists.

These are people whose daily job is to use insect knowledge in crime-related legal cases. They analyse insect activity in a dead body to determine a person’s time of death, cause of dead or if the body has been moved. For example maggot activity on the palm of the hands indicates the probable presence of defense wounds.

Medical Examiners

Medical examiners perform autopsies to determine the cause of death in cases of suspicious or unexplained deaths. Dealing with dead, rotten bodies on a regular basis can be gruesome and unsettling work. Imagine if you are Necrophobic, (fear of dead bodies).

I know no job is easy, but in all honesty we need to give the above workers their flowers. They deserve it.

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