Fathers in one of these tribes go out of their way to push their daughters to have sexual relations.

The concept of a young girl spending the night with her lover is exceedingly unusual, and societal conventions discourage it.

However, in other cultures, where adults are more receptive to the idea and expect youngsters to engage in premarital relations, things are quite different. It is disturbing and unusual, but it is a cherished tradition. In certain places, such practises are so common that no one blinks an eye.

Here are three tribes that urge their children to engage in sexual relations:

1- Trobriand Tribe

The Trobriand tribe lives on the Kiriwina Islands archipelago in Papua New Guinea. They have resisted any outside influences as a people and are proud of their culture and customs.

Children in this tribe begin having intercourse at the age of six to develop their sexual awareness. They organise a variety of sexual activities such as sensuous music, dances, games, and songs.

The Trobriand people regard sex as an important element of socialisation and believe that teaching children how to have sex will make them more socially adept.

2- The Mangaia Tribe

The Mangaia tribe of the Cook Islands is notorious for encouraging children between the ages of eight and thirteen to engage in sexual relations.

Boys in this culture are trained to masturbate as early as the age of eight, until puberty, when the top of the foreskin of their penis is cut off as a kind of circumcision. Following that, the lads are allowed to participate in as much sexual activity as they like, preferably with older women who can assist them in improving their sexual performance.

3- The Kreung Tribe

This ethnic group is found in the Ratanakiri province of northeastern Cambodia. The Kreung tribe values sex over virginity.

When a girl reaches the age of 13, her father builds the Love hut, where she is expected to remain while many suitors enter to have sex with her.

The girl is required to do this with each potential spouse until she finds the one who makes her happy and eventually decides to marry him.

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