In the history of hygiene, there are two unsung heroes that often get overlooked, our dear feet and tongue. Yes, they're far from glamorous, but trust me, they need all the care and attention they can get.

Lets start with the feet. Some people think that if they stand in the shower and the water is pouring on their feet, it is enough to wash their feet. Hell No! Those trusty Ferraries carry us through life's ups and downs and should be treated with utmost care. After a long day of office presentations, long hours of lectures or conquering the grocery store cue, our feet deserve more than  just water pours, but rather to be washed daily with warm water and shower gel. Washing your feet helps drive bad odor and infections. Plus, a little pedicure can keep your feet away from cracked heels and calluses.

Now, over to the defender of the taste Buds. A lot of people may claim they take their dental hygiene very seriously by brushing twice or thrice a day, but the saddest part about all of this is that more then 90% of them forget to brush the tongue. Meanwhile, the tongue has many protrusions where bacteria can accumulate and cause bad breath. Plus, who doesn't want their morning coffee to taste like coffee, not yesterday's garlic bread?

So, dear fabulous readers, let's raise our loofahs and toothbrushes in solidarity with our forgotten friends, the feet and the tongue. Let's vow to give our feet the scrub they deserve and our tongues the wash they need.

Thank You!

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