I know you're already scared, but hey don't be. Maid of Honour came as a protective shields to brides against evil spirits. Take a chill pill and relax as i explain to you, the origin of maid of honor.

In ancient civilizations, people held strong beliefs in the existence of evil spirits that could bring misfortune and chaos. To ward off these malevolent forces, communities devised various rituals and practices, especially during significant life events like weddings. Weddings, being joyous occasions, were also considered vulnerable moments when evil spirits might strike, causing harm to the newlyweds. Hence, the concept of maid of honor was born.

The maid of honour emerged as a protective companion for the bride. She was not just a symbol of moral support and friendship but also served as a shield against evil spirits.

The maid of honour would be dressed in same attire as the bride in a bid to confuse the evil spirits on who to attack. By standing close to the bride throughout the ceremony, the maid of honour was thought to create a protective barrier, ensuring that the bride remained safe from any spiritual harm.

This role didn't end with the maid of honour alone as throughout history, different cultures adopted similar protective roles in wedding ceremonies. In ancient Rome, bridesmaids also dressed identically to the bride to confuse evil spirits and mortal enemies, making it difficult for them to target the bride specifically.

In mediaeval Europe, bridesmaids carried herbs and spices, believed to have mystical powers, to fend off evil influences. Over time, these practices evolved, eventually giving rise to the concept of the maid of honour as a prominent figure in modern weddings.

Interestingly, this tradition has continued till date with the maid of honour and bridesmaids playing a central role in weddings by offering emotional support, assisting with wedding preparations, and standing by the bride's side during the ceremony.

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