Blended scotch whisky has just been styled with one of the most luxurious brands in Africa. For its second edition in Africa, the CHIVAS brand has joined forces with internationally renowned designer Imane AYISSI as part of its CHIVAS Venture project in Cameroon. Cameroon has a very unique fashion inspiration which has not bee promoted enough. The aim of this collaboration is to support Cameroonian fashion and the know-how of young local designers.  This will be achieved through this collaboration with Imane AYISSI of some well-known Cameroonian musical artists who have been invited to mentor them.

The famous and historic Scotch whisky brand CHIVAS is embarking on a new identity through its new luxury and lifestyle image. CHIVAS is reinventing itself and embarking on a new identity by appropriating the codes of international luxury coupled with Cameroonian and African culture hence the collaboration with Cameroonian designer Imane AYISSI.

It is interesting to note that a capsule collection was created by Iman Ayissi for CHIVAS, and this will be presented at a private auction on 13 November. The proceeds from the sale of the collection will be donated to the Jean Félicien Gacha Foundation and the Centre Camerounais des Créateurs de Mode to support upcoming fashion designers. As a celebrated fashion designer, Iman Ayissi is known for his collaborations with some of the biggest names in his field and is often invited to present his creations around the world. He is the first black African designer to join the Parisian haute couture, if you know how tight that circle is...

Iman believes in raising those around him and he will accompany 4 young designers who will in turn create looks for artists.

In 2014, CHIVAS REGAL set up the international CHIVAS Venture project, whose general objective is to support social entrepreneurship and innovative projects through a competition. This approach has evolved since 2018, now cultural leaders will work with young talent to both develop their skills and offer unique opportunities.

The project kick-started in South Africa and Cameroon is the second African country to benefit from this exciting programme, in a context where, the young generation of Cameroonian entrepreneurs is much more interested in brands that invest in communities and have a positive and qualitative impact on their lives.

CHIVAS will no doubt become the brand that will directly feed into this state of need, by offering young artists in the fashion industry the opportunity to be mentored by Imane AYISSI, to create and design a "made in Cameroon" look for well known artists on the Cameroonian scene and a platform to showcase their talent. Talk about fashion, music and culture...

For the young Cameroonian designers chosen for this adventure, it is undoubtedly a process that will launch their careers and allow them to cultivate a strong sense of social responsibility.

Follow the campaign through the hashtags:

#ChivasVenture237 #ChivasxImaneAyissi #Chivas

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