Everyone can testify to the struggles involved in getting a job nowadays. Reason why when one finally gets it, they will do everything there is not to jeopardize this life changing opportunity. They will work super  hard, amass so much on their desk, trying to meet deadlines, and trust me all this can be very frustrating and  stressful. Worst all all, you become so consumed by work that it swallows up your social life, so much so that you eat, drink and think only about work. Hey!Let's get something straight here, working so hard to keep your job is not bad at all, but what is not appreciated is letting yourself to be drowned by work. If you are facing this, let me give you a heads up on how to navigate through and strike a balance between your job and your personal life.

Time Management.

One of the most important things that can enable you to be efficient at work without necessary having your personal life limping, is knowing how to properly manage your time. Get a book, write down your daily tasks and allocate the time limit per task, Set reminders and avoid distractions. Trust me there is magic in writing things down, you will always have it in mind and will always go back to your book to check. Also, do not forget to make use of apps and tools that will make your work go faster.  If you are the type that loves chitchatting, you can as well allocate time for that, but do not let it become a distraction to you. Doing what you have to do at the right time and in the right mindset will make you achieve a lot. If you manage your time well,You will not have to take work back home or run behind deadlines, hence work stress will not swallow you up.

Learn to Say NO.

We all know that when you are the type of worker who is always readily available for everyone, they'll tend to choke you with work. Almost everyone will be like please can you help me with this, can you help me with that; and before you know it, you have so much on your desk, so much so that it even hampers your own daily tasks. Imagine struggling to deliver your work and also struggling to deliver that of your colleagues. Its a lot and  can be very tiring and stressful. So my dear, please learn to say NO sometimes. Its not a crime! Saying no helps you concentrate on your own tasks, be more productive, and to deliver efficiently on time. Do not amass so much work from fellow colleagues and get drained;Learn to say NO.

Set Boundaries.

Learn to draw a line between work life and personal life. One way to do this is to avoid carrying work to the house. Also, for those who work from home, once you sign out, get your mind off work and concentrate on other things. Imagine not being able to spend time with family, or get  a decent home cooked meal or better still decent sleep, just because of work. There is always a closing time for a reason. If yours is 5pm, make sure before that time you are done and once you sign out, focus on your life and forget about work for a moment. You cannot be on your laptop all day at work and boom! at home you are still glued to your laptop. Hey Girl or Guy, please get a life. It cannot always be about work.

Get Help.

Contrary to popular opinion, asking for help at work is not a sign of weakness. Believe it or not, inspiration is not like a river that flows daily. There are days where you just can not get it straight. Its OK to ask your colleague for help. He/she might be inspired at that moment and may come up with a better idea that can help you advance with your work. Like the saying goes "Two heads are better than one". So please do not get stuck with work and die of its stress, just because you do not want to ask for help.

Create time for yourself.

Remember i talked about getting a book and writing down your tasks right?,make sure one of the tasks should be solely about your personal life. Endeavor to do a fun and relaxing activity. It could be a spar day, spending time with family or friends, batch cooking, clubbing, picnic, watching a match or taking a vacation. You deserve it Girl/Guy, cos you've worked hard for it. How on earth can you work so hard for your money and not take time to enjoy it!You've got to enjoy every bit of it. Hey! fun fact, feed the body that works the money. Carrying out these activities will refresh your mind and body and boast your energy; and as you know a relaxed mind and body can be very productive.

If you carefully follow these tips, you will discover how exciting your work and your life will be. Do not let your work or personal life suffer. You got this and i know you can do it!

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