(A Cinematographic Analysis Of What Is Happening To The Earth)

Imagine this for a moment…

You have lived life with the closest and most trustworthy life companion ever. The best friend anyone could ever wish for, your beautiful animal. Your furry-cuddly-licky animal. It comforts you when you cry, gets sad when you are, and gets mad at whosoever you’re mad at. Suddenly, it becomes mad AT YOU; and starts attacking you for some reasons you can’t tell.

At first you don’t understand what’s up...Your obvious reaction will be to try to calm your baby beastie; I mean we’re talking bout your BABYYYY duh (roll eyes). Which good parent would abandon his kid just cause he’s doing some rebel crisis due to hormones or whatever? We all have our moments.

You keep investing time, effort and money to fill in the blanks. Maybe you’ve been too absent? Nothing changes. Baby purr gets even more hostile. And more aggressive...and you finally realize after going through all the phases of denial, after all your friends told you how crazy you were that you have to protect yourself from its persistent wildness.

You later on call in an expert, to find a rescue for your life and you give room for further analysis to understand what happened to your purr baby.

This is the most relatable scenario of the American series based on James Patterson’s novel: ZOO; broadcasted between June 30,2015 and September 21, 2017 on CBS. Sadly enough, the series was cancelled by the channel because of low viewership and not sufficient ratings.

James Patterson, writer and creator of ZOO


Animals have always been a fascinating source of imagination for scriptwriters. Portrayed as either friendly or dangerous characters, films and series with animals have overflowed the film industry throughout generations for the good or the bad. We can still have memories of tv shows and movies showing off animals as heroic and courageous like Flipper, Nemo, Airbud, adventurous like the ones in The Secret Life of Pets, The Lion King and so much more; or just terribly wild as King Kong or Jaws. No matter the case, our friends or (enemies or even frenemies) are bold and almost never cowards.


Today, while many countries are facing and coping with the second wave of the soooo tiring Coronavirus; animals in general and in particular pangolin and bats have been identified as potential vectors of the disease.

Domesticated animals are considered as our friends. Dogs, cats, some birds and other exotic animals have come to become so important for our daily lives. Whether you love them or not, you are called to cope with their far or nearest existence. It will not be too much to continue advanced scientific research to learn more about our earth cohabitants. Well, maybe one day the world will come to an end, but while we’re still here, let’s get to be in good terms with all’em right?


Animals have always been involved in our wellbeing. They have always brought into our lives that genuine trust we have lost in our human mates and let’s state facts: the food chain has helped us to survive and taste good things..Haha.

So, is this writeup an apology to animals? In no way. We will never (or maybe not now.) apologize for our steaks and delicious sausages. But a small reflection on the recent scientific findings putting animals such as pangolins and bats in the heart of the spread of the coronavirus will help us ALL.

Maybe our buddies are just getting as crazy as we have given them the tone to be?

Maybe we’ve shown them that neglecting the environment is the new normal?

Maybe all this is totally our fault?

Once again, animals are concerned and they can’t plead their own cases. Maybe if they could talk like in the tv shows we love to watch so much; they would tell us the bitter truth:


Maybe Corona was just a warning. Maybe we wanna be more careful. Maybe we wanna try to give more love to this planet. After all, it’s the only [free] one we’ve got.

Please be mindful and STAY FAB!

Share this if you think it makes sense. The earth will appreciate.

Written with love.

Peguy and Amalia

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