The International Labor Day which is an international holiday which has been set aside globally to commemorate the historic struggles and gains made by workers and the labor movement, is observed every 1st of May and has become a norm since it’s introduction on the late 1880s.

Haymarket Affair

The struggle of this holiday was marked by the Haymarket Riot or Massacre of 1886 in Chicago, United States of America. This marked the beginning of what has become a worldwide tradition celebrating the working people. At first, this day_The Labor Day_ was celebrated on every 1st Monday in the month of September. This happened until 1889 when an international federation of socialist groups and trade unions designed May 1st as a day in support of workers. It became adopted by the Soviet Union leaders in the USA and Europe as they believed it would encourage workers against capitalism but promote the requirement of the eight-hours work day policy.

Even after the fall of the communist movements in the 20th century, May Day is still being celebrated worldwide on over 80 countries (Cameroon included) by rallying parties, picnics, and March passes in celebration of workers and laborers.

In Cameroon, the activities that characterize the day is marked by March pass carried out by workers of all denominations on ceremonial grounds in front of government and syndicate officials. This year however, just like the previous, group activities will not take place because of the pandemic.

Banners and flags of colors representing their different organizations are showcased by various companies. Also, they wear T-shirts and fabrics which usually carry their organization’s logo and the message of the day.

Television, radio and social media usually do live coverage of the whole event broadcasting a lot of messages about the Labor Day which helps spread awareness of the day.

Pelagie YANKEY, Editor at FabAfriq

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