Do you know you can have glowing skin and even eliminate menstrual pain just by drinking ginger and turmeric juice as often as possible? Oh yes you can. Don't be shocked.

Ginger-turmeric juice is beneficial for skin health because it treats acne, eczema, and psoriasis. It also contains antibacterial and antioxidant compounds, which  stimulate cell growth and prevent ageing. It also contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties, providing pain relief that is even more effective than anti-inflammatory drugs.

Let me teach you how to make this very nutritive and medicinal juice. To begin with, here is what you will need.

  1. Oranges
  2. Lemons
  3. Ginger
  4. Turmeric
  5. Black pepper
  6. Water

I know you must be wondering what black pepper is doing among the ingredients. Here's why, turmeric's medicinal properties are activated by black pepper.

Once you have all your ingredients,

  1. Peel oranges and lemons.
  2. Donot peel the tumeric
  3. Chop ginger into pieces that are between one and two inches long.
  4. All the other ingredients should be put in a blender until smooth.
  5. Strain through a cloth until the pulp is squeezed out.

If you have a juicer, put the lemons, oranges, ginger, and turmeric into it and blend; don't add any water. After that, add a pinch of black pepper.

Your Juice is Ready. Enjoy!

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