I am certain that in one way or another, we all have come across people with pungent body odour, that can make one want to puke. It could be a colleague, a classmate, a relative, a neighbour in a taxi or bus or even a friend. Some of them smell so bad that you can barely breath; and trust me at this point, you will see a face mask as a lifesaver. Sitting beside people with body odour or even talking to them can generate the most uncomfortable feeling ever.

Funny enough, some people are fully aware of their situation and choose not to do anything about it, but it is rather unfortunate that, some people are completely clueless that they have body odour. I know it is a good thing to talk to them about this condition, especially if you are in regular contact with them; but there's definitely a way to go about it without necessarily hurting their feelings. Let me tell you how!

Talk To Them In Private.

If you want to talk to someone with body odour, avoid doing that in public. Even if y'all are friends, family or colleagues. If you address them in front of others, it will be seen as an attack or ridicule, and give some of them low self esteem or even send them into depression . Pull them aside and talk to them in private.

Be Positive.

Be soft and gentle in your speech and do not forget to make your message look like it is coming from a place of care. Begin by acknowledging their positive qualities. You could start by saying,"You're an amazing person, and I appreciate this and that about you". However, I've noticed a change in your body odour, and the smell is not a pleasant one.

Gift Them Hygiene Items.

Just talking to someone about body odour is not enough especially for those who do not care. Gifting them a hygiene pack could motivate them to fight the ordour. It could be deodorants, perfumes, body spray, mouth wash or fragrance soap.  If questioned, especially by those you have not spoken with, mention you had extra during grocery shopping and thought of sharing.

Casually Share Hygiene Tips.

Initiate a conversation about good hygiene by saying things like, "Did you know not scraping your tongue can cause bad breath?" or "Taking a lemon bath can eliminate bad smell when you sweat" or "I have a friend selling affordable perfumes" or "Leaving clothes in the sun helps prevent damp odours".They might pick up on the hint.

Remember, approaching someone about their body odour requires care and consideration.

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