Weddings in Africa unlike other portions of the world is a huge part of our lives. The entourage from both families is an exciting experience that wows! You. Most African weddings are in four faces knock-door, traditional, court and church. These four stages are a result of cultural inclusivity. The purpose of this article is to shine a light on the grandeur that traditional weddings hold in Africa.

Black couple during the parade of Festa do Divino (Brazil, 2019)
Photo by Tatiana Zanon / Unsplash
Kenyan Tribal Dance
Photo by John McArthur / Unsplash

Knock-door is a visit to the bride’s house by the groom’s family to solicit permission from the parents for her hand in marriage. This is the first and crucial step in any marriage. Unpreparedness and improper presentation can land the grooms family in rejection. Here, presentation is key.

This is where you prove your worthiness. No family wishes to send their child to an undeserving family. To the groom’s family please, don’t forget to go bearing gifts. Gifts such as fine old red wine, kola, Champaign and cooked food. Once this is a success you can now start thinking of the proper wedding.

Before bride price payment and other necessary payments, the event can now begin! During an exchange of the bride to her new family, several women are brought in with their heads covered. The groom pays a fine every time he picks the wrong woman until he finds his wife. This cheerful exchange can go on for a while but erupts into wild celebrations once the right woman is revealed.

Before the couples cut into their wedding cake, there is an introduction by the baker, who goes into great detail about the significance of the cake. A typical traditional wedding cake is designed from egusi pudding and built into layers.

Ah, the beauty of weddings! Weddings are meant to be a one-time experience, reason why some couples change outfits as many as five times at their traditional wedding.

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