A 13-year-old Nigerian boy from Anambra state stuns the world with 3 more football world records. This has gained him a spot among the Young Achievers in the Guinness World Records 2022 book. The freestyle football star who lives in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria has also received international recognition from FIFA.

He has the most uninterrupted football touches of remarkably 111 touches in one minute, this landed him his first-ever Guinness World Records title in November 2019. Striving to improve always, Chinonso has created three new freestyle records:

  • Fastest time to 1,000 football touches while balancing a ball on the head: 7 min 46 sec
  • Most football headers in a prone position in one minute: 233
  • Most football touches in a seated position while balancing a ball on the head in one minute: 197

This young talent can also count on the support of his family, who are proud of his accomplishments.  Thanks to his father who spotted this amazing talent earlier on in the child’s life. He believed Chinonso wasn’t just a child playing: he had a great talent waiting to be discovered.

His favourite footballers include stars like Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi, who incorporate freestyle moves into their games. And, just like them, Chinonso will shine. Like they always say, imitation is the best form of compliment. In an interview with Guinness World Record, he hoped to hold more records in future.

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