Shoes were previously used exclusively for protection, but now they are high-end luxury items. Many designers have made high-fashion shoes from the most exquisite materials, with price tags in the millions of dollars, while others are expensive due to their fame.

These are five of the most costly shoes in the world.

1. Moonstar Shoes by Antonio Vietri: $20 Million

Antonio Vietri's Moonstar Shoes, worth $20 million, are solid gold heels with 30 carats of diamonds and a 1576 meteorite. They were displayed at MIDE Fashion Week in Dubai and transported by helicopter.

2. Jada Dubai and Passion Jewellers Passion Diamond Shoes: $17 million

Jada Dubai and Passion Jewellers launched the Passion Diamond Shoes, which are constructed of gold, leather and silk. The shoes, which took 9 months to make, have 236 diamonds, including a 15-carat D-flawless diamond near the toes. Both sneakers were supplied via helicopter.

3. Debbie Wingham Heels: $15.1 Million

British Designer Debbie Wingham designed the  third-most costly footwear of the world  for a private client as a 30th birthday gift. The shoes made from valuable stones from the collection of the client took more than 100 hours to complete.

The shoes have three-carat pink and one-carat blue diamonds on the front, a platinum body and a gold plaque. The leather pieces are painted in 24-carat gold and stitched with 18-carat gold thread.

On December 14, 2008, Iraqi Journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi hurled his shoes at former President George W. Bush. The shoes were ultimately purchased for $10 million and a big order of over 300,000 pairs of similar shoes was placed within a week.  The shoes were thrown at him, most likely because many people blamed him for the conflict and devastation in Iraq.

Harry Winston created an imitation of Dorothy's ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz. It was studded with 4,600 rubies weighing 1,350 carats and 50 carats of diamond.  The pair, which took two months to make, may cost up to $3 million and is the fifth most expensive shoe in the world.

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