The newly inaugurated Royal Museum of the Bamoun is located in the western city of Foumban in Cameroon. The architecture of the building bears homage to the Bamoun's insignia, which is a double-headed snake, a spider and a double-mounted gong.

Over 10,000 artefacts, the majority of which are century-old works of art, are held here, near the Bamoun royal palace.

Credit Picture : AFP

The museum was launched by King Nabil Mbombo Njoya, the 20th king of Bamouns and Culture Minister Pierre Ismaël Bidoung Mkpatt. Anthropologist and University Professor François Bingono Bingono was among the lucky attendees. He stated that he recognised the civilizations of East, Central and South  of Cameroon.

This museum is great for individuals who want to reconnect with their ancestry or learn more about Cameroonian culture.

Cultural events peppered the inaugural ceremony. The Bamoun Kingdom is among the oldest in Sub-Saharan Africa. Historians attribute its origins to the late 14th century.

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