Jean-Philippe Kalala Omotunde has passed away. The well-known lecturer and researcher who has written as many books as there have been debates about the power of the Kamite religion has joined the other side of life.

Jean-Philippe Kalala Omotunde, renowned Egyptologist, historian, and specialist in African sciences and themes, died of a stroke in Guadeloupe.

Nathalie Yamb wrote on his death announcement, "Immense sadness this morning at the announcement of the departure of a baobab of African thought, Jean-Philippe Kalala Omotunde has gone." He leaves behind invaluable books and millions of minds that he assisted in awakening.

The man who eventually renamed himself Nioussere Kalala Omotunde was a staunch supporter of African cultural development. As a result, he went on to study the civilisations of the African continent.

According to Kalala, almost all of the so-called revealed religions have African ramifications. African religions exist in Christianity, Islam and other religions.

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