“A Man for the Weekend” and “Broken” on Netflix

The Cameroon movie industry is being recognized internationally. First it was Therapy which was all over Africa, followed by the famous and most recent multiple award winning Fisherman's dairy which is worldwide. Now, two other movies ( A man for the weekend & Broken) have been included among the thousands of movies streaming on Netflix, to show that Cameroon movies are going international.

Omega 1 Entertainment is an International Movie Production and Distribution Company based in Cameroon, Limbe.

The idea of these two movies to be streamed was initiated by Omega 1 entertainment CEO, Madam Brenda shey elung, who  revealed this in a press release ;

“Omega 1 entertainment distribution secures multiple movie deals with world streaming giant Netflix for Africa movies," The monumental efforts of the CEO in the melioration of distribution sector in rapidly placing the Cameroon film industry on a pedestal for world wide recognition. In addition to the remarkable success recorded so far, in widely distributing quality movies internationally, on television, Airlines and VOD platforms, omega 1 entertainment distribution hereby announces the budding of Netflix deals for four African movies from: Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana.

Syndy Emade is the producer of BROKEN alongside Anurin Nwunembom as director. Cast: John dumelo Ghanian award winning actor, Aleme Meneget, Nchifor Valery, Nabila, Prince  and Syndy Emade.

Syndy Emade is a multiple award winning Cameroonian actress and producer. she made her acting debut in 2010, and ever since then, she has featured in over 20 movies in Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria.

A man for the weekend Cast: Syndy Emade, Alexx Ekubo, Nchifor Valery, Solange Ojong and Miss Lee. Produced and directed by Syndy Emade and Achille Brice respectively.

This is absolutely amazing and great encouragement to filmmakers, 237 is hitting it's marks and printing it's number on the global market.

Broken and A man for the weekend coming soon on Netflix, Be Ready!!!!!

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