It is not easy to carry on after a major setback, so we retreat into our comfort zone and do the things that bring us peace and comfort in  times of grief or misfortune. Solace can be anything you choose, be it a gym workout, a sea view, eating, rock climbing, literally whatever works for you; go for it. We need to comfort ourselves in sorrow, misfortune, or trouble; alleviation of distress or discomfort. Something that gives comfort, consolation, or relief.

With all that is happening in the world and our personal life, it’s been hard not to plunge into a deep depression. Sometimes it’s wise to cocoon away from danger. And other times it’s wise to question what we find meaning in and not to keep ploughing ahead doing the same things. Emotions are a signaling system. They help let you know when you’re safe versus in danger or heading in the right or the wrong direction. However, when they become prolonged, they lose their effectiveness as signals

It might not undo what has been done, and it might not mend whatever might have been broken. But making some kind of peace is essential to learn lessons and to make changes. Making peace with ourselves allows for self-respect, self growth, integrity and hope that life is worth living. No one not even the most energetic among us has an unlimited supply of emotional resources.

Sadness is a thief of joy, it can come out of nowhere, with no rhyme or reason, or it can follow a crushing breakup, the loss of someone special, or any other particularly tough time. It can slowly roll in, like the dark clouds before a storm, or it can hit you suddenly, without any warning. Whatever form it comes in, sadness is something we all experience and yet it can still be incredibly difficult to get past.

If you are feeling frustrated for not being able to do the things that make you happy, then stop worrying, convince yourself to choose alternatives that make you happy. Peace and is not a place it is not in an activity, every day we should be able to wake up and make a choice to be happy irrespective of what we can do. Here are some tips to help you choose happiness and sanity every day.

Photo by Ben Blennerhassett / Unsplash

First, don’t feel bad about feeling sad. When something negative happens in your life, it can seem like your world is ending. But instead of suppressing or dismissing your emotions either by distracting yourself or keeping up a good front you should actually embrace them. All emotions are important to experience and have valuable information for us about our lives. Instead of beating yourself up for feeling down, try to consider this as an opportunity to learn, grow, and find true healing.

Can't pinpoint why you're sad? Try writing. Sometimes it's easy to pinpoint the reason you feel upset say, if you bombed your big work presentation. But, at other times, you may be sad for no discernible reason. When this is the case, grab a pen and a piece of paper and write without stopping for five minutes or longer. When this occurs, start by expressing yourself either by writing to talking, or you could also try keeping a journal, taking a yoga class, or meditating all of which are great ways to focus on your inner self. To release sad emotions, don't overlook the value in a good cry.

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