Most people know cloves as a spice, but cloves have several functions. They can be used to produce hair oil, clove water aids in constipation, digestion, aches and equally boosts libido in both men and women. From aiding digestion to supporting immune function, this tiny spice has a big impact on one's health journey. Traditional medicine has been made from clove stems, leaves, buds, and oils. Cloves contain an abundance of vitamin K, beta-carotene, potassium, eugenol, iron, and calcium. Eugenol is a natural antioxidant that appears to be responsible for cloves' sexual benefits.

Sexual Benefits of cloves in Men.

Increases sperm count

Cloves have been linked to fertility, as they are rich in flavonoids with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Clove oil, rich in vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates, may increase sperm count. However, further research is needed to determine this product's effectiveness and long-term impact on male fertility.

Prevents early ejaculation

Studies suggest that clove oil can prevent premature ejaculation, promote better blood flow, and increase body temperature. To maximise benefits, mix ¼ teaspoon of clove churn with organic honey and avoid taking it on an empty stomach. For optimal results, have a meal before using cloves.

Increased sex drive and testosterone

Cloves can enhance sex drive and improve testosterone levels. Studies show that clove and nutmeg extracts can improve male sexual behaviour. Additionally, the flower buds of clove are a popular addition to local medicine, with animal trials showing that 15 mg of clove increased serum testosterone levels in mice.

Sexual Benefits of cloves in Women

Increased libido

Cloves can improve women's desire for sex by reducing stress and boosting energy. They also amplify testosterone, a crucial hormone for both men's and women's sex drives, making women feel more eager to engage in sexual activities. This can help women avoid sex due to stress or exhaustion.

Improves sensitivity

Clove oil's scent can trigger acetylcholine release, a neurotransmitter that slows heart rate and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for the "fight or flight" response. Acetylcholine is crucial for female arousal, and low levels can hinder concentration during sex. Cloves' benefits may be beneficial for women's sexual stimulation, as they can help improve their arousal process.

Increased ovulation

Cloves are a popular botanical remedy for female infertility, making it easier for women to get pregnant. It is believed that drinking clove water can boost ovulation. Clove water benefits women by improving LH secretion, a hormone that aids in egg release during ovulation.

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