Hearing “What are your salary requirements?” can be terrifying, especially for those who desperately need a job or those who do not know their worth. It could equally be that you are nolonger contented with the pay you get from your current job and as such will want to renegotiate your salary. Should you negotiate your salary though, ofcourse, yes you should. Contrary to what many people think, asking for a higher pay is perfectly normal, yes there’s money on the table, you just need to ask for it, and trust me you can succeed with the right salary negotiation strategies. Want to find out how to get more money out of a job offer?, do this!

Research how much this job pays

Most employers don’t disclose how much they pay. You can go on their professional pages to find out vacancies they had advertised before and see how much they offered to pay for that position. Many job openings on Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or Adzuna will reveal a salary estimate which shows you how much a role could pay before you even apply. For instance, if you have an idea of how much a cleaner, receptionist or an assistant is paid at a particular company, you will definitely be able to estimate the pay for whatever position you're going in for.

Include bonuses and other benefit.

When negotiating your salary also take into consideration additional compensation, like bonuses and perks, that have monetary value, insurance, and  medical coverage. Remember to list those when you negotiate the salary on your new job.

Ask colleagues, friends, and family

Asking friends, colleagues, or former employees for feedback can give you the extra edge as well. With a specific range in mind, you’ll feel much more empowered going into an interview or renegotiating your current salary. If you’re more experienced, coupling research with your own performance will certainly give you a good salary estimate to target.

Ask for a raise

This is for those who feel the company where they are currently working is not paying them enough. It's definitely ok to ask for a raise. When asking for a raise, detail your accomplishments, and ,if you can, highlight the time and money saved to the company. In case a raise is denied and you cannot bear it anymore, you can always leave cos nor matter what, there is always a better opportunity for you out there, where the pay will be worth it. Perhaps if you threaten to leave, your boss might just give you that raise you've been pushing for.

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