Moving into a new year means new objectives and a fresh mindset. Like most people always say "New year new me", endeavor to leave your relationship baggage of 2023, as well as all the mistakes you made. I know there are many of them, but here are the four i highlighted that should not be repeated this year.

Not prioritising yourself

A relationship consists of two individuals who put in their best efforts and energy to stay with each other and so, we end up looking after our partner’s wants and needs way more than ourselves. Prioritising your needs, wellbeing, opinions, views and wishes doesn’t mean that you are selfish, but rather cautious of your own needs as well.

Not setting boundaries

Boundaries are very essential in a relationship. No matter how close you are to your partner, boundaries will only help you to balance the equation between you both. Make sure clearly state what you are comfortable with and what you aren’t, to give your partner a clear understanding of what is the limit.

Not confessing love at the right time

Thinking and waiting for the right time to express your love for another person will never put you on the spot. In all honesty, there is never a right time. Even though it is really hard to tell someone that you really love them, summon the courage to tell the one you love how you feel about them. This will avoid friend-zoning and unnecessary frustrations when someone else tells them.

Being insensitive towards apologies

Don’t turn your head high if you do a mistake, instead be soft and apologize. Saying  ‘sorry’ won’t hurt nor change anything in you. If you are the one to put yourself above in a relationship and let your partner be the one to take care of the relationship, then you are definitely in the wrong. You have to be sensitive towards your partner and put the same amount of effort into your relationship.

Committing the same mistakes over and over can threaten the relationship, let go of them in the previous year and start this 2024 with new energy.

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