Social media platforms have been on fire since last weekend, after X user Debora Loveth aka Mummy Zee tweeted about how she wakes up at 4:50 am every day to cook fresh food for her husband. Since then, she has fallen on top of peoples tongues. Mummy Zee has become quite the hot topic for conversation both on and offline. This a controversial topic because while her post received admiration from many, it equally met with a lot of backlash, with people regarding this lovely act from her to her husband as slavery.

Mummy Zee, no doubt is having the best ride of her life at the moment as over 70 persons and brands have celebrated her love story with offers of gifts and cash. From a house to a car , Iphones, alerts, skincare products, indomie, voucher, portraits, lands, Visas and tuition fee, baby diapers for her unborn baby, internet connection, just to name a few.

Now this is not something to get jealous about, but rather adopt the mummy Zee strategy and just maybe if you post, the internet might favor you too, Lol! Ladies if you are wondering how you can be as lucky as her. Here’s what you need to do.

Cook fresh food daily

Food is the way to a man's heart, they say. Mummy Zee had to protect her husband, so she made sure to cook fresh food for him every day. Even if you have a fridge, impress your husband by cooking fresh food for him and never ask him to cook for himself.

Wake up early

Laziness must be far away from you. If you wake up at 8 a.m., nothing for you. You have to rise early, at 4 a.m. latest. It is this sacrifice that will spurs sympathy in the hearts of people; just like you can see in mummy Zee's case. Keyword, be an early bird.

Protect your man from other women

Make sure no woman has the same access to your husband. If you notice any woman getting close to him, try to find out what she’s doing and do more than what she does.

Do not care about how much your husband earns

Only bad women care about marrying rich or comfortable men. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have money; as long as you love each other, you can make all the sacrifices for each other. Even if your husband earns so much, forget about a maid making his food, cook for your husband, because that is your responsibility as a wife in taking care of him.

Use the money you get for your family

Even if you have money, don’t buy a new phone, clothes, shoes, or wigs for yourself; use them all for your family and make sure all of them are ok and comfortable.

If you do all these things and share on the internet, you might just be lucky to get the mummy Zee effect.

Here are some of the gifts offered to mummy Zee so far.

  • @SchooliPlyHQ offered to help her get admission anywhere in the world.
  • @TravoolyHQ and Tunde Omotoye offered to process a visit visa to Canada for Mummy Zee and her husband for free.
  • Winston Adaete, @Adaete1, promised Mummy Zee's husband a ProBook 11x360 for his data analytics learning.  
  • Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL), @nnpclimited, gifted Mummy Zee a N200k PMS voucher redeemable in any of their over 900 retail stations nationwide.
  • Filhouse Cinemas, @FilmhouseCinema, offered Mummy Zee and her husband a private viewing at the cube in February 2024.
  • The Spirit Group, @_TheSpiritGroup gifted Mummy Zee N1 million.
  • Ray Cypher, @raycypherSf, offered to get Mummy Zee an iPhone 14pro.
  • First Doctor @FirstDoctor, offered a year's supply of child diapers to Mummy Zee's unborn child.
  • Travel Doctor and his abroad group, @UniCollegeLink_, offered Mummy Zee visa sponsorship, application fee waiver, tuition scholarship and admission to study in Canada.
  • Lawyer Inibehe Effiong, @InibeheEffiong, offered Mummy Zee and her family pro bono retainership from January to December 2024.
  • Dr Chinonso Egbema, @aproko_doctor, offered to pay for Mummy Zee's family's health insurance for one year and an insecticide supply for the coming baby.  
  • Johnvents Foods, @johnvents_foods, offered a free supply of their chocolate drink for six months.
  • Benkingsley Nwashara, @Benking443, offered free delivery of the car Mummy Zee was promised.
  • Infinix Nigeria, @InfinixNigeria, offered Mummy Zee and her husband its latest phone, the Infinix Hot 40.
  • @Wizarab10 delivered a Smart TV and DSTV subscription for a year to Mummy Zee.
  • @Iyke offered N200k for shopping for the coming baby and offered to place Mummy Zee's family on health insurance.
  • @FixamAfrica gifted her new non-stick pots and two stove gas cookers.
  • @myaimtoget gifted the couple a one-year data supply (1 terabyte).
  • @jeffreycruzly bought Mummy Zee an iPhone 13. Celebrity tailor,
  • @mrklassiq_ offered Mummy Zee's husband agbada wear.
  • @femi_golden gifted her husband a Dell laptop
  • @SDX_Trades offered to teach Mummy Zee how to trade crypto and fund his trading account. Tech Esq.,
  • @NOTIMEisNOTIME, offered Mummy Zee and her hubby free legal representation throughout 2024.
  • @Kemsan_acres offered Mummy Zee and her husband land in one of their estates in Ibadan.
  • @ezekiel_aleke offered to teach Mummy Zee's husband data analysis for free
  • @spyarewareturn offered Mummy Zee and her family free shopping at Ado Bayero Mall.
  • Oyo State Health Insurance Agency (OYSHIA), @oyshia_oy, offered Mummy Zee a Family Plan package under the state's health insurance.
  • @Oludeewon offered to process her admission and scholarship to anywhere in the world.
  • @BestDataNG1 offered Mummy Zee and her husband N100k airtime and 100GB of data.
  • @_BobMfonmma offered the couple a washing machine. Kuda Bank,
  • @joinkuda, gifted her N2 million.
  • @BadonB offered her husband a 2012 Lexus car and lots more.

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