by Ngum Dilis

Passion is a drive of  love and a wheel to lust.  Love goes beyond drives and desires, it is never-ending unwavering care towards another human. The word love brings a host of other things into existence; forgiveness, sacrifice, patience… fulfilment. Passion is an intensity often mistaken for love. So much underrating for the words right? I'll tell you why it is Passion isn't love.

The Pier Children
Photo by Julian Myles / Unsplash

Love sustains a relationship but passion cannot, passion will get you drooling in a toxic relationship for whatever reason and in the end you guise happiness from makeovers.

Ladies struggle to break spines because they’re trying to become fine wine for living swine, both parties swelling up in insecurities yet bury themselves in romance because it’s the only safe space. Love doesn’t work that way!

Love builds, and it starts with you; so you don’t have to punish yourself or anyone else for failing; it gives room for mistakes, love stays true and looks beyond our feebleness and anxiety.

Love and passion are different even in results. Passion never goes unpunished. Sooner or later depression will come rushing, then suicidal thoughts. Have you also realized the constant increase in the population seeking virtual aid, the increase in suicidal cases related to relationships... these are the results when people drive by the wheel of lust, fueled by romance, geared by selfish desires, and when it’s overheated it’s cooled off by the liquids that flow from between the thighs. Just like every bad road, the gallops in toxicity will gradually cause partial breakdowns until the battle of the blame game causes everything to crash!  That is what a journey into passion looks like.

Black love in the kitchen, morning talk, waiting on coffee to finish.
Photo by JLC IMAGERY / Unsplash

Love is not all that and it’s not anything fancier. Love results in coordination, it’s fulfilling and never-ending. To love is being able to crash down that perfect world created for yourself in your head and willfully fitting into the revealing reality, definitely not fancy but a path of fulfilment, knowing you’ll get caught even as you leap into the dark. That is love; trust, hope and faith. Everyone deserves love; so do you… if you’ve found it, be proud and stay true.

Ngum Dilis is a Commumicator, and freelance writer who's determined to awaken people's consciousness and portrays the bright side of Love and Life through her art of writing.

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