Nightlife is a generic term for entertainment which is popular from the late evening into the early hours of the morning. Nightlife entertainment is usually adult-oriented. Night entertainment includes bars, nightclubs, parties, cabaret, and concerts.

Nightlife to some sociologist is the true representation of a society’s governance. Politics, religion, and social life are conversed freely in various source of entertainment at night. As a life rule, there is a first time to everything.

First time out at night and you are not sure how to blend? Here are some tips for you.

1. Go with someone that isn’t their first time

You’ll need someone to guide through strange territories although old to them. After all, the two of you will be watching each other’s back throughout the night; but of course, it’s also a given that you should watch out for yourself. To be extra cautious also inform another person (who is not going clubbing with you) about your whereabouts for the night.

2. Dress smart

Dress accordingly. We’re all so fashion-conscious so I you know what you should wear and what you should not at a party. As far as choosing your shoe is concerned, choose comfort over everything else. You might be tempted to wear those killer high heels to complete your outfit but do also think about whether you can handle it after a night of full-on dancing. No matter how comfortable you are, never wear slippers to a gathering. Your best bet is to wear a dress, paired with low heels or wedges, if not flats.

Photo by Nino Kojo / Unsplash

3. Pack only the essentials

The first thing on the essentials list is your ID. Don’t even think of leaving your ID because it’s going to be a hassle. You don’t want an altercation with police at night without your ID. Worst, what if something happens to you? The second thing on the essential list is Credit or Debit Cards. You do not want to fumble with cash paper or coins while you’re in a nightclub. Or if you budgeted too little, this can be quick saver. For women, make sure to put some toiletries. Don’t bring all of your makeup gear! Just pack the essentials when you need to touch up like eyeliner, lipstick, and oil blotting paper. Try to also bring a small pack of tissues because those tend to run out in club toilets.

Leaving the house to enjoy night life is a whole different vibe when you’re in the club.  Here are more tips to keep you safe.

1. Don’t let your companions kill your vibe

Being with the right crowd is everything, and this won’t always be within your control. Most of the time, you’ll have those friends who are not ‘game’and they could potentially ruin everyone’s night or the experience overall. Regardless “Happiness is a choice” so find a reason to make your experience worthwhile!

2. Stay sober for as much as you can

Know your alcohol tolerance and STAY SOBER or don’t drink at all. No one would really notice that you’re NOT drinking if you keep yourself occupied with the dance floor. Besides, it’s more fun to be the sanest among your friends! By the end of the night, you can watch and laugh to your heart’s content while all of them get wasted. Alcohol hits women faster than men given our size and body composition, so don’t go on a drinking contest especially if it’s against guys.

Fresh Lemonade
Photo by Francesca Hotchin / Unsplash

3. Keep an eye out for your drink

The most you can do is keep your eyes on your drink. The smartest first time clubbing tips to remember to always keep an eye out even when the bartender is mixing your drink. It’s a no-brainer that drugs are not allowed inside the club, but trust me on this one: there are people who can STILL smuggle those goodies in. Sometimes, if I’d realize that I left my drink on a spot, I’d just leave it there. Even if that drink was expensive, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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