Cameroon’s flag is flying at full-staff thanks to Betty Abeng, the newly appointed CEO of the Commonwealth Education Trust, the leading charity that focuses on primary and secondary education and “teaching teachers to teach better.” Formally known as the Commonwealth Institute, the Commonwealth Education Trust champions education across the Commonwealth network of 54 member countries. Its digital platforms currently reach teachers in underserved, often rural communities worldwide, providing them with much-needed, bite-size professional development courses.

This is yet another inspirational story to the African woman who aspires for greatness. Passion and devotion, committing oneself to what one believes, can only yield great dividends. Betty has volunteered for several educational charities. Born in Cameroon, she has worked at the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, Age UK, and the Royal Society of Arts (RSA). She holds an Economics and Business Degree and is devoted to improving the quality of education for children across the globe.

As the charity is now emerging into an exciting stage of scaling its work and fundraising for the first time, the Trustees recruited a new leader who can bring strong fundraising, management, and program leadership skills and experience into the organisation. Betty Nsegha Abeng, who has served as one of its board members since 2019, has now taken the role of CEO.

Outgoing Chief Executive Officer, Kat Thorne, put the groundwork in place; a strong program with an EdTech focus, partnerships, a network of supporters, fundraising streams, a small team of consultants and volunteers, and research scoping. She will work closely with Betty to ensure existing fundraising, partnership and activities continue while slowly phasing out of the leadership role. Betty, on her part, is excited to take on the leadership role “at this very important time.”

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