FabAfriq Magazine: Who/what inspired you to be a model and entrepreneur?
Lilian Ujunwa Nnamani: My passion, curves and love for money inspired me.

FabAfriq Magazine: You do a lot of things, some of which are Miss Curvy Africa Fitness, content creating, actress and entrepreneur. Tell us how you juggle all of that?

Lilian Ujunwa Nnamani: Uhm, I started off with buying and selling clothes, shoes, etc. while I was in school and I also was doing some menial independent modelling and brand marketing… I had my eyes on acting because I’m a creator but didn’t know how to go about it. I decided to enrolled in acting at the Royal Art Academic and I’m a Certified Actor. I had to also pursue my modelling career for Miss Curvy Africa and came out 4th position with the title MCA FITNESS.

FabAfriq Magazine: How has the COVID-19 affected your professional activities?

Lilian Ujunwa Nnamani: Well, for a while business became slow with no modeling or acting jobs… I had to start Kabu With my car just to pay my bills, and thanks to the creative opportunities on TikTok I was able to start up my own skits  and we are here.

FabAfriq Magazine: What are some of the challenges you have faced in your professional career?
Lilian Ujunwa Nnamani: Finance and getting good roles in top movie productions are the toughest challenges now. This is because I’m new in the movie industry and I have not had the opportunity to prove myself.

FabAfriq Magazine: Apart from the Miss Curvy Africa Fitness Competition, what are the other different fashion events you participated in Africa and abroad?

Lilian Ujunwa Nnamani: None., I only auditioned for BBN twice and nothing happened hence MCA Reality Show.

FabAfriq Magazine: What has been your greatest achievement in your career as a Nollywood actress?

Lilian Ujunwa Nnamani: Featured in hit movies such as Chief Daddy Part 2., Shantytown, Blood sisters, A Naija Christmas and others. Even though they were non speaking roles, it means a lot to my career.

FabAfriq Magazine: What are you most proud of?
Lilian Ujunwa Nnamani: We are still in the process but so far I’m Miss Curvy Africa Fitness, I have done television shows with top brands like Glo, Airtel, OLX etc. and also currently influencing @chatleyslounge. I’m able to produce my own skit “BLIND DATE” and CALL!

FabAfriq Magazine: Tell us. According to you, what are the different traits that an entrepreneur needs to succeed?

Lilian Ujunwa Nnamani: when you are at the verge of giving up your PASSION keeps you going …. Consistency, Patience and customer management.

FabAfriq Magazine: What would you like to see change in Africa and more especially the Nigerian entertainment sector?

Lilian Ujunwa Nnamani: The entertainment sector should give the upcoming actors the opportunity to handle or take major roles in movies….

FabAfriq Magazine: Are there any projects you are currently working on now?

Lilian Ujunwa Nnamani: My pet project is basically Reaching Out to orphans and Single mothers... I want the Nigerian Government to also reach out to single mothers, they are doing a lot with no support from the baby Daddies. So, I have decided to support them the  little way I can.

FabAfriq Magazine: How do you manage your professional life and family life?
Lilian Ujunwa Nnamani: I am a grown woman who already knows what family means. When it's family time It’s family time, and when it’s job time I'm good to go

FabAfriq Magazine: What are your hobbies and your favorite dishes?
Lilian Ujunwa Nnamani:  My hobbies are traveling, shopping, chilling, modelling, acting, swimming and I love our African IGBO swallow with Ogbono soup or white soup, oha soup etc.
FabAfriq Magazine: Thanks for your opportunity and your time

Lilian Ujunwa Nnamani: you are welcome.

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