Poem Arrey Verna

I'm a feminist because the next time I walk into a hotel, I want to be asked what suite ill be taking instead of answering obnoxious questions from a brown toothed pool boy.

I'm a feminist, when I look in the mirror, I tell myself baby you're skinny, your stretch marks are pretty, your accent breathtaking, your legs, alluring.

And on the days when I don't feel it, I tell myself you're chubby. Soft and mushy and everything in between.

Yes in between, I'm a boy someday,  a senorita on Mondays. I don't wear bras till I feel like it.  No, I'm not battered or unable to find a man.

I'm a feminist and I shave.

Sem nome mas, com endereço.
Photo by Caique Silva / Unsplash

There's no hidden message scribbled in between the lines. Read them out or follow my eyes. I am the ocean. something about greatness scribbled on a blank page.

I no longer apologise for black skin, flat butts and quick tongue. I am a feminist, unapologetic about the way I shine. My light, dime as it may be, lights up his world, this boy, who looks at me like I am magic, but still, I owe him not my courage.

I am a feminist, maybe because I have dreams too. And no they do not include a baby boom and a diamond ring or two flashy cars and a walk down the aisle. I could be anything really if you just let me be me first. I am a feminist.

I am a feminist, ambitious a hawk, sly as a fox, free as the wind. Flawless as a peacock  Let me wear what  I wear. Let me dress, else I undress. I am a feminist because... why not. ?

Arrey Verna is a content writer, spoken word artist, poet, and a trained journalist. She is a fluent English speaker and writer, and a fluent French speaker resident in Douala.

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