Mentorship and sponsorship are key drivers of success, but with all the social constructs and challenges women face, it is harder to find female mentors and sponsors. Women who are mentored by women feel more supported and are often more satisfied with their career. FabAfriq mentor mentee programme seeks to create a new clan of corporate women in leadership.

Mentorship is also among the most powerful ways to build effective, innovative, competitive organisations by bringing the right people together for the right conversations that can change everything. The ratio of women to men in any society is high, therefore empowering more women through programmes like this is a priority. Mentors are the critical prerequisite in cross-pollinating knowledge, ideas, culture and new best practices across an organisation.

Dedication and patience in any tutoring process and mentor mentee isn’t different. Mentors should ask their mentee for regular updates. Your success depends on the level of investment on your mentees work career. As a mentee appreciate your mentor’s time. Show your mentor you value her time by using it wisely. Avoid meeting just to catch up or asking questions you can find answers to yourself. Instead, come to her with thoughtful questions and be ready to discuss real challenges you’re facing. Then listen carefully to her recommendations and report back on your progress.

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Other key takeaways about mentorship programs are associated to diversity and inclusivity. Mentoring creates stronger ties between people and can break down barriers of gender, culture, ethnicity and age.

Mentoring creates more opportunities for “sponsorship,” the ability for leaders to know, assess and recommend people they might not have otherwise encountered. Mentees too get exposure to opportunities aligned with their interests and capabilities otherwise unavailable to them.

Mentorship In Crisis Times

Mentoring means taking personal interest in seeing that a mentee develops the talent and knowledge needed to succeed. The dynamics of world is changing every day, especially now with the pandemic. These are transformative times for employees and organizations everywhere. Organizations and individuals are also striving to make gains on diversity and inclusion to improve culture and create equitable workplaces. Mentoring differs from coaching and advising in its emphasis on developing a personal relationship and advancing the career of the mentee.

This is why FabAfriq is organising a mentor mentee programme to teach mentees the skills to be successful in our contemporary society. We have put together a team who are specialised in skill development, career planning networking, and problem-solving skills. Remember in any chaos there is an opportunity to explore.

Photo by Christina @ / Unsplash

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