When we talk of Mental health it involves not only our mental but emotional, psychological, and social well being.It is all about how we think, behave, feel and respond to situations and people.

It is important to have a mental health check at-least once every month. Which could be by developing therapeutic measures such as a positive inner circle (friends/family who support you), having a therapist to talk to, taking vacations. Basically finding what works for you in keeping you sane and at peace with yourself.Conditions such as stress, depression, abuse and anxiety can affect your mental health. In turn disrupting your routine and may develop serious health problems such as high sugar level, blood pressure fluctuations and others

Photo by Sam Moqadam / Unsplash

Mental health does not necessarily mean having a mental disorder, it focuses on a person's wellbeing and happiness. Which is why it is important to self care.

In recent times a large proportion of people are suffering from mental health disorder, resulting from cyber bullying, physical and verbal abuse, stress, grief and even financial circumstances.

Most people neglect how important it is to have a stable and positive mindset .Your work and living environment play a vital role in keeping you alive and healthy. It is not a secret that the rate of suicidal attempts in this era have escalated, with cyber bullying being at the top on the list of causes.

Having a self care routine or tips is important as it may help manage the symptoms of mental health problems from developing or getting worse.

Self care tips such as;

  1. Nourish your social life
  2. Stay aware of your mental health
  3. Try peer support
  4. Make time for therapeutic activities
  5. Register to a gym or in house activities
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