Malia Obama, the daughter of Barack Obama debuted as a filmmaker at the Sundance Film Festival under the name 'Malia Ann'.

The 25-year-old director, who is establishing her mark in the industry has decided to use the name Malia Ann professionally, abandoning her well-known surname Obama. This change coincides with the screening of her short film, "The Heart" at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

"The Heart" portrays a moving story that examines themes of grief and familial ties by delving into the complex dynamics between a mother and her son.

Malia had internships at esteemed organisations such as Harvey Weinstein's production firm and HBO's "Girls" before embarking on her filmmaking career. She also wrote for Donald Glover's Amazon Prime series "Swarm" as a staff writer.

The directorial debut of Malia  has received mixed comments, reflecting the diversity of viewers' perspectives. "The Heart" drew notice at the Sundance Film Festival for its treatment of topics such as lost possessions, loneliness, forgiveness and regret.

Malia noted that she wanted to find intimate and delicate moments in the plot, calling her movie "an odd little story, somewhat of a fable."

The choice of Malia to go under a pseudonym in order to pursue her career in Hollywood is indicative of her determination to forge her own path in the field apart from the history of her family.

As she advances in her filmmaking career, fans eagerly await her upcoming projects and the distinct viewpoints she will bring to the screen.

With " The Heart", Malia has made a significant debut into the film industry, demonstrating her talent and vision as a storyteller.

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