The feast of saint Valentine is that time of the year when love is not just expressed in words but in outright celebration. With every February 14th dedicated to the massive outpouring of love, there is definitely a story behind it and that's what we want to share with you guys, cos trust me there are some people out there who are just too excited about val's day but have absolutely no clue how this day came about.

The Tale.

Valentine's Day roots trace back to ancient Rome with the festival of Lupercalia. Fast forward to the 3rd century, and we meet Saint Valentine, a Roman priest. Legend has it, that he performed secret weddings for soldiers forbidden to marry. His defiance for love's sake led to his execution on February 14th. Over time, his martyrdom became synonymous with love.

It's Popularity.

In 1382, romantic love was connected to Valentine's Day by 'Parliament of Fowls,' written by Geoffrey Chaucer, an English author. It was a dream vision portraying a parliament for birds to choose their mates. It was presented as an honour at the first anniversary of the engagement of the fifteen-year-old King Richard II of England and fifteen-year-old Anne of Bohemia. It's believed that Chaucer and Shakespeare romanticized it in their works, propelling its popularity. By the 17th century, exchanging love notes and tokens became the norm in England, laying the groundwork for the Valentine's traditions we know today.

More than just romantic love

Today, Valentine's Day transcends romantic love. It's about showing appreciation for friends, family, and even self-love. It's a day to pause and appreciate the love in our lives in all its forms, making it more relevant than ever in our fast-paced world. Valentine's Day remains a reminder to express love and appreciation.

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