Leg swelling, also known as edema, is a common condition that can affect anyone. It is a symptom that should not be neglected because it can be the start of a very complicated health journey. If you are experiencing leg swelling, here are five conditions that might have caused it.


It is very common to see pregnant women with swollen legs especially in the later stages of pregnancy. This is usually attributed to increased pressure on blood vessels and the growing uterus affecting blood flow.

Venous insufficiency

This is the inability of veins to adequately circulate blood back to the heart. When veins struggle to perform this function, blood may pool in the legs, resulting in swelling. Varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis are examples of conditions associated with venous insufficiency.

Lack of physical activity

One common reason for swollen legs is lack of physical activity. If you have been sitting or standing for a long time without movement, this can contribute to poor circulation and fluid retention, leading to leg swelling. This is very common when you travel long distances, because you tend to sit for hours on the same spot.

Lymphatic issues

The lymphatic system plays an important role in maintaining fluid balance in the body. Any disruption in the lymphatic system, whether due to infection, surgery, or trauma, can lead to swelling in the legs. Lymphedema is a specific condition where the lymphatic system is compromised.

Inflammation and infection

Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis can also contribute to leg swelling. In addition, localised infections, such as cellulitis, can cause inflammation, leading to swelling in the affected area.

Fluid Retention.

Fluid retention or oedema occurs when the fluid is trapped or isn't removed from the tissues. It can be caused by conditions such as kidney disease, heart failure, and liver disease, which all impact the legs leading to swelling.

So if you are experiencing swollen legs, please seek medical help and know exactly what the cause is.

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