Hello fabulous people, just so you know, your sleep position affects much more than you can think or imagine. Imagine having bad dreams that you cannot even remember almost every other night or better still being pressed at night, yet struggling to wake up from sleep; and guess what! All this is as a result of your sleeping position. How you sleep is how you dream. While the exact cause of sleep paralysis and bad dreams is not understood, research has linked it to certain sleep positions.

Side sleeping.

According to research, Left-side sleepers experience more nightmares compared with right-side sleepers. (41% chance compared to 15% for right-side sleepers). Dream analyst Theresa Cheung believes left-side sleeping puts stress on the heart, potentially leading to poorer sleep quality and nightmares.

Back sleeping.

Studies have shown that back sleepers are more likely to have nightmares. Sleeping on your back can cause breathing difficulties. Lisa Billars, a medical doctor explains that back sleeping can worsen sleep apnea, leading to oxygen reduction and increased carbon dioxide levels.  The lack of air may trigger a nightmare, such as being chased, suffocating or drowning.

Stomach Sleeping.

Stomach sleepers, according to studies, experience dreams that are more vivid, intense, and sexual. They're also more likely to have dreams in which they're immobilized or restrained.

You know what sleep position you prefer. But my advice is that you should try sleeping on the right as much as possible to eliminate bad dreams and maintain a healthy heart while sleeping,

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