The dry season is the most uncomfortable time of the year for many people, not only because of the dust and the scorging sun, but also because of the extreme heat that accompanies the season. Temperatures become so high that many begin to sarcastically doubt if there is a difference between the state and desert! Talking to some inhabitants in the city of Douala, which is considered one of the hottest in Cameroon, they revealed that sleeping on hard balcony floors or verandas have become more comfortable than the softness of their mattresses, all thanks to the intense heat. So many city dwellers preferably stay indoors and only go out when necessary, because they can better manage the heat at home than out of home. Now, for some of you who go out to fend for your families on a daily basis, here is how you can manage the situation.

Stay hydrated

Drink enough water. Metabolic activities are faster during the hot weather, and as such, you lose body fluid more quickly. If it's no stress for you, you could carry a water bottle every day to keep track of your water intake.

Avoid black clothing

Try as much as possible to avoid black clothes. A black material absorbs heat and emits it into the environment, and consequently, your skin, which makes your body hotter than usual.

Wear loose clothing

Wear clothes that will allow proper ventilation and aeration into your body. Avoid wearing footwear that would cause you to sweat on your feet. Whatever you can wear to make you comfortable during this hot weather, please do it.

Wear antiperspirant sprays

Hot season or not, it is essential always to use antiperspirant sprays, especially if you sweat a lot. During this season, it becomes worse, as you lose body fluid very quickly. It is advised that you use antiperspirant sprays or roll-ons to prevent sweat from your armpits which may cause body odour or leave patches on your clothes. The weather is hot already; avoid frustrating someone else with body odour please.

Buy rechargeable hand fans

There are a lot of hand fans that are powered by electricity which are very convenient to carry about. In a case when there's no light, they can be powered using a power bank. Having one of these will help you reduce heat stress during this period.

Take cold showers

After the day's work, taking a cold shower helps to relax your body. It leaves you cleansed from the sweat and accumulated dirt from the day's work. Cold showers should also be taken in the night. It gets frustrating to sleep at night sometimes, even when the windows are open. To have a good night's sleep, you must take a shower just before bed; this will give your body the cooling effects it needs.

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